This page hosts links to resources I’ve been privileged to help create for the church.


  1. This is Our Story is a live hymns album our church put together. We are incredibly proud of it. Click the cover to go to iTunes where you can purchase it. All profits go to The Refuge of Hopecdcoversmall
  2. This is Our Story devotional is a free devotional that follows the hymns album. Each day contains the lyrics to one of the hymns, scriptures to meditate on, background information on the hymn, and some response questions. Click the cover to download it for free.                                                                      devo cover
  3. This website contains free chord charts and guitar tutorial videos for each song on This is Our Story. You can also order hard copies of the album through the website if you prefer that format over digital.
  4. This is a packet of ideas designed to help your missional community* worship God that don’t require a musician to lead them. Rather than explain it further, just click on the cover to download the pdf for free and read the foreword. All will become clear : )
  5. Instrumental Tracks – These are some instrumental tracks I recorded in an effort to provide you or your missional community, small group, student ministries, etc. with background music for prayer or contemplation. Click here to download them for free.


  1. Knowing God (Extension Class):
    1. Knowing God Week 1
    2. Knowing God Week 2
    3. Knowing God Week 3
    4. Knowing God Week 4
    5. Knowing God Week 5




*Please note that this packet can be used by a variety of groups (such as adult small groups and student ministries groups). It’s not to be strictly limited to missional communities and is designed to be adaptable to your context.

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