The God Dream

For the past seven months, I’ve had the privilege of working with the leadership team of our church to create what we’ve come to refer to as “The God Dream.” Having not had a specified vision for quite sometime, we sat down and read Will Mancini’s God Dreams. Using the templates in the book and through lots of prayer and discernment, we believe God made it clear to everyone on our team what our goal should be.

While you can click here to read the entire dream, the heart of the dream comes from Ezekiel 47:9, which says, “where the river flows, everything will live.” Our dream is for our church to become so full of God’s Spirit and so saturated in our community that wherever we go, dead things come to life because of and for Jesus’ name.

When our associate worship leader, Michael, heard this God Dream, he began writing a song that was a prayer asking for God’s Spirit to fall. He and I decided to get together and pray and see what God would have for this song. We used the rest of Ezekiel 47 to finish the song and it was nearly done in just a couple of hours.

I had written a chorus a couple years ago from Isaiah 1:17 – “…seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” Michael helped craft the aspects of the song I was struggling with, and the song finally came to be completed.

Thus, we went into the studio and recorded these two songs for this God Dream project. Our prayer is that these songs would be like adding fuel to what the Spirit of God is already doing in your heart for His Kingdom and His mission.

With this project, we are also rebranding from “RiverTree Live” to “RiverTree Worship” as it allows us to go beyond just live recordings, and do some studio projects as well. This music is free and if anyone wants to donate, 50% will go to a God Dream fund to help fuel the mission of the God Dream at RiverTree Jackson, while the other 50% will be used for future recording projects, as there is a cost involved for us to create this music.

On behalf of all of RiverTree Worship, thank you for reading and listening and we hope this music stirs a new fire in you for Jesus and His Kingdom!

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