A Part of Your Life in God

Henri Nouwen once wrote: “Often we’re not as pressed for time as much as we feel we’re pressed for time.”

He goes on to tell a story about a time when he escaped from his busy life for a personal spiritual retreat. During this retreat, the leader of the retreat house asked Henri if he would be willing to take few students through some guided retreat time.

Henri’s initial response was that he was trying to get away from this type of preparation, and that those preparations would require a lot of time.

The leader of the retreat house responded, “Prepare? You’e been a Christian for forty years and a few high school students want to have a retreat. Why do you have to prepare? What those boys and girls want is to be apart of your life in God for a few days.”

Henri then reflects on this matter (after deciding to help the students) in saying, “The question, you see, is not to prepare but to live in a state of ongoing preparedness so that, when someone who is drowning in the world comes into your world, you are ready to reach out and help…let them be part of your life in God – that’s ministering.”

Lately, I find myself in many situations where I don’t have time to prepare – be it a phone call, someone stopping in the office, or an unexpected email.

Often all I have time to do is stop and say a simple prayer before responding. Beyond this, it’s simply in “letting them be a part of my life in God” that I have to offer.

Your life in God is the best thing you have to give. Stay in the word. Keep praying and listening to the Holy Spirit.

Minister to others out of an overflow of your life in God.

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