Advent Resources!

Christmas can be an amazing time of year to grow in our relationship with Jesus, but if we don’t approach it with intentionality, the entire Advent season can easily get swallowed in busyness and a lack of genuine connection with Christ and others.

This post is designed to provide you with resources to help you and your family draw nearer to the One who makes this time of year what it truly is.

  1. Advent Bible Plan from A Guide to Prayer – the Advent plan in this book takes you through Psalms, scriptures, hymns, and prayers for each day of Advent.
  2. Advent Wreath – a good link to the meanings/scriptures for each week of Advent. You can light a candle each Sunday and read the passages together.
  3. The Sparkle Box – A great children’s book that will take a season of consumerism and help you turn it into a season of generosity.
  4. Advent Calendar – Designed by my lovely wife, this will give your family something to do each day of December (and it’s easy to adapt and make it your own).
  5. All the World Rejoice – A Christmas Album and Devotional by Rivertree Live (I’m a bit biased). Click here for the album, click here for the devo.
  6. Truth in the Tinsel – a PDF book for families that guides you into spiritual truths about Christmas with a craft each day. We are trying it in part for the first time this year.

My point in sharing all of these is not for you to do all of them – that might actually hinder things. Try picking one thing this year (above or elsewhere), adapt it to make it work for you and your family, and go for it!

May we intentionally seek, live out, and model the true meaning of Christmas this year!

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