Practical Marriage – Calendars!

This fall I’m going to write a simple, practical three-part series called “Practical Marriage” which will provide tangible ideas that will hopefully lead more of us towards what this sign communicates.

Communication is huge in marriage. When you have kids, it’s even more critical. A simple practice my wife and I began years ago that has been tremendously helpful to us is something we just call “calendars.”

The night before our week begins, we talk through each day of the coming week. We:

  • Add things to our calendars if we didn’t know they were happening
  • Discuss who is taking which child to what event, school, etc.
  • Plan things like family activity days, time together as a couple, cleaning, etc.
  • Every couple weeks, we add things to the calendar that are more long-term such as vacations, weddings, baby showers, etc.
  • Lastly, we pray for the week, giving it to Jesus and asking Him to be present in it

So much of conflict happens due to miscommunication. While our household is far from perfect, “calendars” gets us on the same page week after week and brings peace into our home! When we miss “calendars” one week, we feel it.

Ironically, “calendars” is on my calendar each week. It has to be on our calendar to remind us to sit down and discuss our calendars. Its funny, but true.

Give it a shot in whatever way it works for you! I bet you’ll feel the difference.


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