A Grace-Based System

Every morning I look at this painting as I’m reading the word and praying, and lately it’s been super encouraging to me.

It’s been reminding me of something that my father-in-law often says: that Christianity is a “grace-based system,” not a “works-based system.”

Being the dad of two little kids and having just moved means that I usually don’t sleep a lot, and when I do it’s interrupted. I’ve been sleeping later than I’d like, which cuts into how much time I can spend with Jesus before going to work – and for work I’m a pastor. While I should be leading the charge with spiritual discipline, lately I’ve just been crawling to the cross for a few tired moments before my day begins.

Yet, it is there that this painting speaks.

The end all be all of why and how we serve is grace. Jesus’ body was broken and His blood was shed as a sacrifice for us, paying for our sins once for all.

Simple belief in His sacrifice of body and blood (the visual reminder of this painting) gives us eternal life and motive to serve Him while here on earth.

His grace is my only source of salvation and my only power to do good works.

SO, if you’re exhausted like me or finding yourself unworthy for whatever reason – good news – Christianity is grace-based! Nothing you’ve done or can do has brought you to Jesus and nothing will besides believing in His sacrifice of love and grace.

We didn’t do anything. He did everything.

It is finished.

Thank Him for a grace-based system today. Be reminded that salvation isn’t in what you do, but that you can do mighty things through His Name because of the power of His grace – regardless of your energy or strength.

I’ll leave you with this verse today:

In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).


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