Two-Colored Prayers

New Note

Prayer does not come very natural to me and is something I’ve had to work at over the years. In the past, it’s been easy for my mind to drift away while I pray, leading to frustration.

Yet, God has been impressing upon me a deeper need to pray. Coming into this new year, I sensed Him asking me, “Andrew, are you going to pray when you can, or become a man of prayer?” As I’ve pressed into praying more this year, I wanted to share a very simple tool that has helped me:

Two-colored prayers.

First, I decide what God is asking me to pray about that day. When I stop to listen, He speaks through scriptures, thoughts, or pictures to me about what to pray about. I write my prayer down in a certain color of ink.

Second, later, when God answers a prayer, I go back to that spot of my journal and I record His answer in a different color of ink, with the date in parentheses.

How encouraging this has been! This fall, I sensed God working, but was too busy to track it. Simply writing my answers in a different color has revealed to me just how much God is at work all around me!

Also, a nearby notepad (or Siri), may help get those unwelcome thoughts of your upcoming day out of your mind and onto a to-do list for later.

So, maybe praying in two different colors will inspire you to take things to God more often as you get encouraged by His answers. Give it a shot – what do you have to lose?



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