Worth it All


As the father of two kids, I’ve been really convicted about how I portray Christmas to them. There’s so many traditions, movies, albums, and stories I can give them, but ultimately I want them to know that it’s all about Jesus.

While there’s still a place for Christmas trees, lights, and Rudolph (which my son has watched over and over this month), there have been a few traditions this year that I’ve decided to leave in storage and replace with things like The Sparkle Box, which is already leading my son to ask questions about our faith.

While it’s not a Christmas song, this past weekend our church sang Worth it All (chorus below):

I let go of all I have / just to have all of You / and no matter what the cost / I will follow You / Jesus everything I’ve lost / I have found in You / when I finally reach the end I’ll say / You are worth it all

This song reminded me that sometimes we have to give things up in this life for the sake of following Jesus – but when we do, what we gain from Him outweighs what we’ve “lost.”

So, is there something you need to give up this Christmas?

A tradition? A worry or fear?

Whatever it is, it is worth it. He is worth it.


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