The Importance of Breathing


A common thread I see in myself and others is the desire to know where God is leading us, why, and how. But the more I live life, the more I see it’s in the means to the end in which God is forming us.

Recently, one of my favorite artists, Alli Rogers, released a new EP titled Breathe. The song The Importance of Breathing on this EP has really been speaking to me. In it, Alli sings:

The importance of breathing / the importance of waiting it out / the importance of seeing the beauty right here / take a deep breath baby / let it in and let it out / the importance of being right here, right now

It’s so easy to rush ahead in search of where we’re going. It’s so easy to miss beautiful things right in front of us out of preoccupation with the future. But it’s in the here and now that God speaks to us.

The bridge of the song says:

Who knows what’s growing under the soil? / Who knows what’s gonna be born in our hearts? / Well I don’t wanna hold my breath through the waiting / and I don’t wanna miss what God might be saying…

So, what’s the thing that has you a little freaked out, preoccupied, distracted?

Clarity may come not in searching for the answers or solutions, but rather in taking a deep breath and enjoying the present moment.

Alli says, “Something you’ll hear me say to my kids often is ‘Take a deep breath.’ I tell it to them when they are overwhelmed, melting down, angry. And then I tell it to myself for the same reasons. The desire for things to be simple and uncomplicated is a futile waste of a longing. But that doesn’t mean we should despair. It just means we have a choice, to long for different things. So I am continually redirecting my longings. Adjusting my gaze off of myself and off of the fear and onto the One who holds it all. And in the process, I am taking A LOT of deep breaths” (Alli’s Blog).

Take a deep breath, baby.




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