Popsicle Prayers

IMG_448467240As our family has grown, the pace of our life has increased, as has the tension of struggling to find space to truly pray for others. While we have rhythms with quiet time, praying before meals, and bedtime prayers, we desired to have a space where we could pray for the many friends and family we have, as well as those special requests that come along. If we say “yes” to praying for someone who asks, we not only want to honor that, but we want to lift up those things in faith knowing that God will hear and respond.

Thus, enter “Popsicle Prayers.” My wife Emily had the idea of writing down our family, friends, and those special requests on popsicle sticks and putting them in a jar. Each time we sit down to eat dinner together, we have our son Atticus pick a popsicle stick from the jar (which he loves by the way). Then, we simply pray for that person and their needs along with thanking Jesus for our food.

Some of the benefits of this exercise we’ve found are:

-It doesn’t require additional time to be set aside – we include it when we already pray before meals

-It ensures that we can truly pray for all of those we care about in some sort of rotation

-Our son is learning to pray for others

So, I’m sharing this with you because if you are on the go and desire to create a bit more space for your family to pray, this is a simple and practical way to do it. Feel free to tweak and play with this idea, and I’d love to hear what you do with it or other ways you’ve found to incorporate prayer into your family life!


2 thoughts on “Popsicle Prayers

  1. Thanks for sharing! I agree – it’s hard to remember to pray for everything and remember it all, or find time to fit it all in. I struggle with telling people that I’ll pray for them, then forgetting. I agree that I want to honor what I say I will do because God is willing and able to move on our behalf when we seek Him. I had this same thought to use popsicle sticks with a jar, but never committed to doing it. Thank you for the reminder and motivation to actually make it happen!

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