Knowing God (Week 1): Dependent on the Independent

BEOh8g1CYAACKhu.jpg-largeThis week I began teaching an extension (a class focused on learning about a specific topic and helping folks get connected into our church) called “Knowing God.” In this extension, we are looking at God’s attributes, or characteristics. Today marks the first post in a five-week series I’ll do on what I’m learning as we move through this extension.

First of all, it’s worthy to note that some of God’s attributes are “incommunicable” – meaning that they aren’t passed onto us as humans. Yet, some of His attributes are “communicable” and He shares them with us as we receive Christ and are sanctified in Him (though we’ll never possess them to the extent that He does).

This week, the attribute that stood out to me the most is that of God’s independence (an incommunicable attribute). God does not need anything and is the only self-sufficient being in the world. Acts 17:25 says that “He is not served by human hands, as if He needed anything.”

What amazes me though, is that even though God is this independent and infinite God, He chooses to give us life and salvation.

In fact, as much as he is completely independent, we are completely dependent on Him.

Immediately after Paul makes the statement above in Acts 17, he says, “Rather, He Himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else…for in Him we live and move and have our being.”

Wow! I have nothing without God. Every breath I take comes from Him. Each day is a gift ordained by Him.

Looking at this idea of God this week comforted me in that it was kind of like Jesus was saying to me, “I’ve got this” – in regards to my life.

He made me. He has numbered my days. He’s given me everything I’ve needed (and more) everyday of my life. Always.

I’m dependent upon the independent God of the universe and He loves it that way. Just like I love providing for my son, and just like I receive joy when he runs into my arms, Jesus is the same.

As it is He who made us, it is He that we are dependent upon, and He that will offer the most peace when we surrender all to Him.


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