One Year, One Word

quietWhile we are almost a couple weeks into the new year now, I wanted to share with you an exercise that was helpful to me starting out this year.

It’s a four day devotional called “One Word That Will Change Your Life.” While I love setting goals and new year’s resolutions, studies show that we struggle to stick with them. This devotional uses scriptures and reflective questions regarding last year (and what Jesus has been speaking to you as of late) to help you come up with one word for this year.

Maybe it’s a fruit of the Spirit. Maybe it’s a discipline you need to take on. Maybe it’s a word of encouragement.

No, there’s nothing in the Bible that says you have to have a word to define your year. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical of the study when I began it. Yet, Jesus spoke to me throughout the four days and gave me a word that will help me not only with my mindset for the year, but also to know what goals are important to go for and what ones aren’t.

My word is quietness (or quiet for those grammar freaks out there – you’ll see in a minute why I chose quietness). Isaiah 30:15 says “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.”

As I prayed through these four days, I really sensed that Jesus is asking me to deepen how I abide in Him. My strength truly is in “quietness and trust” rather than in busyness and hard work.

While Martha was busy doing things for Jesus, He told her sister Mary that sitting at His feet and listening was “better.” (Luke 10:38-42).

This year, I feel Jesus calling me to sit at his feet a little longer and be quiet. I need to trust that that is what is better and my work will still get done.

My strength is found in quietness.

What about you? What’s your word for 2015? Check out the one word study – I think it’s worth it and there’s still plenty of time for you to hear a word from Jesus for 2015.

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