A Counter-Intuitive Christmas Gift

mangerWhile I’m all about intentional growth when it comes to body, mind, and spirit, and many of the gifts we get this Christmas (or new year’s resolutions we’ll set) will aid us in those, ultimately, we don’t need one more self-help thing. We need Jesus.

The longer I walk with Jesus, the more He sanctifies me and frees me from sin. Yet, as this progression takes place, more sin is revealed, more brokenness is realized, and my need for Jesus increases.

The only One who can truly help us did not come glamorously. He came quietly…to a small town…in a manger.

He does not ask us to be better or to do more. He asks us to come to the cross and die – then and only then can He raise us to life, and then and only then will our true life be found.

His coming and invitation are very counter-intuitive to what our culture is all about. Isaiah 30:15 says, “In repentance and rest is your salvation.” Not in striving. Not in trying to earn it. Not in trying to make yourself better.

In repentance.

In rest.

In the end, Jesus knew we couldn’t make ourselves better – that’s why He sent His son to die in our place.

Thus, Jesus, and a hungry spirit for Him to change us from the inside out, is the best gift we could ask for this Christmas.


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