Five Kernels of Corn


At their lowest point, each of the Pilgrims survived on five kernels of corn a day as they struggled to settle in New England. The story goes that on the second thanksgiving, after God had been faithful in helping them survive (and sending the indians to show them how to plant, harvest, and hunt), the second thanksgiving feast began with a first course of an empty plate with five kernels of corn. This was a reminder to the pilgrims of God’s faithfulness to them; in the midst of difficulty, He was their provider.

Our family has experienced many trials this year. While it has been a struggle at times, I have been keenly aware of God’s provision and protection through it all.

This week my wife read Psalm 66 and encouraged me to read it as she thought it may help to process this past year. Verse 12 jumped out at me:

“We went through fire and through water; yet You have brought us out to a place of abundance.”

This is exactly how I feel about this past year, and I’m sure the Pilgrims felt this way too. We’ve gone through difficult times but God has brought us to a place of abundance. Our family has everything we need – food, shelter,  clothing, and more. God has truly brought us to a place of abundance.

Yet this year, what I’m most thankful for is Jesus and the fact that my true life is in my inheritance with Him.

To me, the five kernels of corn serve as a humble reminder that I came into this world with nothing and I am utterly dependent upon God for everything in this life and the next.

What do the five kernels remind you of?


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