Top-Down Imitation

My two-year-old son imitates me like crazy. Any silly little sound I make, he will repeat (as you see in this video). But he also imitates when we say “Amen” after praying for our food, or if I raise my voice, he raises his.

Seeing this imitation in him has really made me look into my actions and attitudes as I know I have a deep influence on him.

In 1 Corinthians 11:1, the apostle Paul says, “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.”

Imitation flows from the top down. If I’m not imitating Christ, then who am I encouraging those in my sphere of influence to imitate?

I need to look more like Jesus than the world if I desire for my son and others in my sphere of influence to look like Jesus.

And this then begs the question, who am I imitating?

Lately, I’ve been imitating our new senior pastor because I see Him imitating Jesus. Recently, we were praying before a service we were leading. He had hardly slept the night before because he was caring for his sick kids. Yet, he was filled with joy in the Lord because he knew Jesus could give him the strength and whatever else he didn’t have that day. Where he was weak, Jesus was strong.

That is a man worth imitating because He is imitating Christ.

Who are we imitating and are they imitating Jesus?

Who is imitating us and do we look more like Jesus or the world?

Imitation flows from the top down – let’s make sure Jesus is at the top.


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