A New Golf Bag (And Why It’s Not a Major Brand)


As I sat in church this Sunday, I was convicted. One of our pastors was preaching on Philippians 3 where Paul talks about how he could have put confidence in his flesh, but instead chose to consider those things “rubbish” in order to gain Christ.

What God was convicting me of was rather silly and insignificant – or was it?

My 14 year old golf bag recently bit the dust, and as I did some research in order to purchase  a new one I noticed that one of the off-brand bags was constructed quite well;  it was also 50% cheaper than the bags that display all the cool golf brands I love on the side of them.

I was sitting there in church thinking, “I can’t spend twice as much on a bag just because of the name on it. Do I really care that much about what others think of me? That extra money could be used for better things and I really need to die to my pride on this one.”

So, yesterday I did it. I bought a bag that was about 50% less (or more!) than the ones I would have chosen in my flesh. And it felt great.

Choosing a golf bag may seem insignificant, but in this case it wasn’t. God wanted me to let go of something that my flesh wanted to hold onto. Galatians 1:10 says, “If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

My decision making can too often be motivated by what others think. And typically, those motivators are things that Jesus wants me to consider “rubbish” so that I can gain Him. It’s really an obedience issue.

While there is a time to buy the name brand item or rely on a certain skill, there are also times when God tells us to let go of our “confidence in the flesh.”

As we walk through this life and are faced with all sorts of decisions, both small and large, the old hymn rings true:

“Trust and obey / for there’s no other way / to be happy in Jesus / but to trust and obey.”




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