A Simple Faith


I’ve been reminded recently that when it comes to my relationship with Jesus, it’s best to keep it simple. Let me explain.

I can easily over-think things in life (and I’m guessing I’m not the only one), including in my relationship with God. While God speaks to us in a variety of ways, sometimes we can overcomplicate things as we set out to connect with Him.

Lately, God has been revealing Himself to me, and here’s all I’ve been doing:

  • I open up my Bible and ask God to speak to me through His word
  • I read the passage, underlining or highlighting whatever jumps out to me
  • I look back over what I’ve underlined and pray about whatever is on my heart in relation to that phrase or verse (sometimes it’s an attitude or behavior that God is wanting to change in me, sometimes it’s a word of comfort, sometimes it’s a word for someone else – in which case I’ll send the verse to them as soon as I can)

The primary way He speaks to us today is still through His word. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to understand it; the Holy Spirit will speak to you through God’s word.

If you’re struggling in your prayer life or desiring to be closer to God, try reading through a book of the Bible one chapter at a time (one chapter each day). Ask God to speak to you through it. The word is living and active – it will feed you, encourage you, shape you, and teach you exactly what you need.

Seek God with your whole heart.

Keep it simple.

Pray in faith.


Live in light of the living and active word in you.

A simple faith.


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