Help! We Don’t Have a Guitar Player


Worship is our response to God for all that He is.

It’s not just singing; ultimately, as Romans tells us, it’s a lifestyle. In worship, we obey God, adore Him, confess our sins to Him, sit silently in awe of Him, express our thanks to Him, and so on. In fact, in the Old Testament, the most common word for worship is shachah, which literally means “to lie prostrate” before God. When the people of the Bible encountered God, they were typically so filled with fear and awe that all they could do was bow before Him in worship.

Our culture has made worship into singing songs of praise along with a U2-sounding rock band with great lights behind them. While I love this style of worship and there’s nothing wrong with it, there’s more to worship than just this.

Thus, I’ve compiled a packet of 50 ideas through which your missional community* can come into God’s presence (click here to download it, and it will also be permanently stored on my resources page).

My goal in putting this packet together is to provide you with some simple ideas to help your community cultivate a healthy worshipping life out where you live, work, and have friends. Healthy roots lead to healthy fruits; coming into God’s presence on a regular basis helps fuel and sustain the mission to which your community is called.

I realize that not every community will have a musician, so most of these ideas are geared toward coming into God’s presence without music.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just ideas. They weren’t all written to be taken literally—please tweak them and adjust them to fit your context. Feel free to add to, subtract from, and branch off of these ideas. In fact, if you come up with an idea that is sparked from this packet (or create a new one entirely), please let me know so I can keep adding to the list (many folks contributed to this packet, I’ve just compiled it)—I’d like to increase the number of ideas here!

My prayer is that many people will engage with God as a result of these ideas and that He will receive all the glory and honor.


*Please note that these ideas are also great for small groups, student ministries groups, sunday school, etc…they aren’t meant strictly for missional communities.


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