Affection for Daddy

IMG_0763 This is my son Atticus. He’s about 19 months old. Last week I was in Florida for a couple of days and when I returned I noticed a couple of things right away: 1) The temperature in Ohio was about half that of what it was in Florida, and 2) Atticus had really missed me. He gave me about 25 hugs my first day back (which I totally loved).

I’m not a perfect father, but I do attempt to really be there for my son. Whether he’s playing with his blocks, eating a meal (or throwing it all over the floor), or going to bed, I really try to be present with him. I’m not perfect, but I’m his father.

In the absence of his father, Atticus couldn’t help but show me affection when I returned.

As I reflected on this, I thought, do I show my heavenly father affection like this? Do I long to run up to Him, embrace Him and tell Him I love Him? Unfortunately, sometimes I view my heavenly father more as someone waiting to chastise me as opposed to embrace me.

The small amount of faithfulness I can show to Atticus as his earthly daddy pales in comparison to the faithfulness our heavenly father has shown us. Yet, sometimes we don’t long to show God affection because we feel unworthy and a need to keep our distance.

Yet,  if we have trusted in Him, the Bible tells us we can approach Him with confidence. Our Father is a perfect and loving Father waiting for us to run into His arms and call Him daddy.

I hope to have more affection for Him after this experience, as it has revealed a little more to me about who God truly is.


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