Perfect Peace


Although I wish it were different, “perfect peace” is not a phrase that describes my posture in life all the time. Lately I’ve had several little worries bothering me which have led to me running through each day in angst and my own effort. This past Friday I took a prayer walk outside before heading into the office. As I was praying and casting my anxieties on Him, I sensed Jesus telling me to simply be quiet. 

The wind was blowing. The birds were singing. Life on earth was carrying on just fine regardless of all my strivings.

Isaiah 26:3 came to my mind:   “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.”

I sensed that God was inviting me (again for the thousandth time) to have a mind that was steadfast in Him as a result of my complete trust in Him. As I slowed down, I again realized that my life was in His hands. The earth was turning and the birds were singing because He was providing for them and caring for them – just as He was for me. My worries faded away and I felt that I could walk through the day slowly – not in angst and striving – but in perfect peace. His perfect peace.

On my own, I’ll never live a life of perfect peace, but when my mind is steadfast and trusting in Him, it becomes possible. It’s a good reminder to me to take life a little less seriously because it’s all in His hands.

Hopefully I can remember this a little more often.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Peace

  1. What a beautiful way to start the day. I am in Florida right now and missing the worship at Rivertree. Your message and the sermon videos are helping me to to leave it all in God’s hands. Thanks Andrew

    1. You are welcome Jan! Just trying to be faithful with what God’s given me. Enjoy Florida! I get to go down for a couple days in April – I’m looking forward to it : )

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