A Horn of Salvation


As I was reading in Luke this morning (I love reading in Luke 1-2 as Christmas approaches!), a phrase stuck out to me that I had never thought about before. As Zechariah is prophesying following the birth of John the Baptist, he says that God has “raised up a horn of salvation for us.”

Through a brief study, I learned that the word “horn” here refers to the horn of an animal and symbolizes “might, power, or strength.”

Thus, in Luke 1 when Zechariah is prophesying and praising God, he is saying that through the birth of Christ, God has brought forth a mighty, powerful, strong Savior (and thus salvation) to all people.

What an amazing phrase and encouragement to us as we approach Christmas.

Our salvation is powerful and mighty because our God is powerful and mighty.

Where do you desire to see the power of “the horn of salvation” in your life, your family, your church, your community this Christmas season? Through Jesus, we can ask God boldly because the veil has been torn and we have full access to Him through His grace. Pray boldly remembering that He is a strong and mighty Savior.


(If you’d like to go deeper in this study, see what John Piper has to say here as well as what Mounce’s Dictionary has to say).


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