From Chart to Heart

A few years ago I heard a simple phrase that stuck with me:

“From Chart to Heart.”

Although it’s a little cheesy, I use this phrase often with my worship teams as a simple way to remind us all that we need to get the information on the chord chart of the song we are rehearsing into our minds in an effort to memorize it. Then, we can get it into our heart with the desire that when we lead worship, the message of the song will spill out of our hearts (as opposed to the mechanics of just playing music together or something else that may distract from the main point).

This process looks different for everyone and includes some basic work of practice and memorization, but also prayer and contemplation.

This week God really spoke to me in my “From Chart to Heart” preparation time.

This coming weekend we’re leading “Be Thou My Vision” (with some slightly updated language), and as I was meditating on the lyrics prior to working on the chord structure, the fourth verse jumped out at me:

I don’t want riches or man’s empty praise / You’re my inheritance, now and always / You and  You only the first in my heart / High King of heaven, my treasure You are

In all honesty, I’ve struggled this week with contentment and people-pleasing. I had to stop and ask God to forgive me of wanting “riches and man’s empty praise.” I had to ask Him to be the first thing in my heart.

While I’m still far from perfect, God used my “From Chart to Heart” preparation this week to bring me to a more honest place of worship of Him heading into this weekend.


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