Laundry Love

This past Saturday I had my first experience with being a part of a “Laundry Love” project (Click here for more info on Laundry Love).

Our Village (small church my wife and I lead with LoveCanton) went to a laundromat around the corner from our house to help provide free laundry to those in need of it.

My experience was much more profound than I was anticipating. I met people from all walks of life and had great conversations with them. I’m not even sure what to say at this point (and I’m still processing it), except that there is a connection between the poor, the gospel, and my heart.

Jesus loved the poor and talked about it quite frequently. As I drove away from the laundromat to prepare to lead worship this weekend, my heart was broken – some for the people I met, some for myself and my sometimes shallow view of what my “needs” and “hopes” are, but ultimately I felt a sense of humility come over me. Jesus constantly served and was among the poor. In addition, His taking on of flesh, the way He lived, and the way He died exemplify the way He became poor for us – true humility.

Somehow, this clashing of worlds impacted me deeply through this simple service project.

The priority of contact with the poor is greater now because I know that my service and connection to Jesus and the gospel is stronger as a result.


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