Eight Expressions of Biblical Praise

If you were to read the Bible front to back, you would find several ways praise was expressed. Below are eight common ones broken down into three categories:*


  • Kneeling
  • Dancing
  • Raising hands


  • Shouting
  • Singing
  • Speaking


  • Playing an instrument
  • Clapping

If I’m being honest, I don’t always feel like worshipping. Sometimes, I will choose to lift a hand to God or kneel before Him. Often times, my heart will follow my hands as I reach up towards my father; likewise, my heart is humbled as I kneel in His presence.

I’m providing this list here as a resource for you. Pick one or two of these and try them out this week (worship Him all week long – in your house, car, outside while doing yard work, etc.).

Respond to God for all that He is. He is Holy. He is Worthy.

*See Dwayne Moore’s Pure Praise (pp. 32-37) for more info on these expressions.


One thought on “Eight Expressions of Biblical Praise

  1. Andrew, I love this post and love the worship songs we sing at Rivertree! I heard this song on this obscure station that I came across (91.9 although they say 88.1 as their call letters, so I have no clue where the station is from). The song is called Oceans by Deluge. I’d love for us to sing it at church. It’s so simple, but so moving. That’s the only song I’ve heard by them so far, but I’m youtubing them now. Thanks for your dedication 🙂

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